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The pursuit of green technology has proliferated in the last few years, fueled by scientific investigation and the support of popular culture. Clean energy companies have become the darlings of venture capital investment. Initiatives to help cut global warming and environmental pollution are attracting some of the best business and technology brains in the world. Venture capitalists and private equity firms poured more than $2.2 billion into the clean energy companies in the first quarter of 2007, a 58 percent increase over the same period the previous year, making the sector a hotbed for spirited analyses and investigation.

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In recent years healthcare has become the center of a technological boom, with a significant number of venture-backed biopharma and medical device companies going public. The industry has awed industry experts and analysts with its sophisticated and innovative developments. From new ways to non-invasively replace defective heart valves, to clothing that detects unseen abnormalities beneath the skin, life science shows no sign of slowing down.

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Communicating and connecting are the norm in most regions. As quickly as new ways of connecting emerge, they can just as quickly become technological "dinosaurs." With companies constantly seeking to become the next Verb in people's vocabulary (e.g., "Google" it), the communications industry is poised for some serious shakeups as new disruptive technologies push out yesterday's celebrated new advancements. New isn't enough anymore. As the newest of the new come in, analysts, investors, and industry experts try to keep pace.

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Information Technology (IT) is an established veteran of the technology world. Yet IT is constantly challenged to change, integrate, and get better and faster. Computers and electronics are the mainstay outer layers of the industry, and the hardware and software are in a continuum of evolution, dynamism, and the pursuit of impeccable DNA for converting, storing, protecting, processing, transmitting and retrieving information. Who will emerge as the unflappable King of the IT world? And who will be the formidable competitors?

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Consumers are always looking for gadgets that are faster, smarter or just plain cooler. Apple has proven this by selling more than 70 million iPods since the product's introduction in October 2001. iPods now command more than a 70 percent share of the U.S. market for MP3 players. Nonetheless, Apple must remain vigilant about the 30% share harnessed by its competitors. The proliferation of digital products and services demonstrates just how competitive companies must stay. Users are attracted to products that are easy to use and that offer a clear function and purpose. Consumer market trends and purchasing patterns remain a point of intrigue and scrutiny, especially as competition continues to abound.

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