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- Venture Capital: When and How to Raise Money?
- Women CEOs in Tech
- Never Too Young, CEOs under 30
- Exiting: IPO, M&A?
- Scale it - Execution from $3M to $50M
- Mobile - The Shifting Balance of Power
- Cleantech - Which technology will stand out?
- Security Trends
- Enterprise software - The Online Revolution
- Digital Media
- Consumers and Business Marketing in High Technology
- Web 3.0 - Trolling for Profits

Venture Capital: When and How to Raise Money?

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 13 - 12:00-12:45 - Room A
Moderator: Alex Vieux
  • Accel Partners, Rich Wong, Venture Capitalist
  • CMEA Ventures, Saad Khan, Partner
  • Felicis Ventures, Aydin Senkut, President
  • Sierra Ventures, Vispi Daver, Principal

Most of the time, the matter is not about how much money is needed but how it is raised. Timing and skillful orchestration of the fund raising campaign can make or save a company. Although most financing can be grueling and expensive in terms of defocus and side effects, most of the blatant hurdles can be avoided in the first place. Entrepreneurs who artfully deal with venture capitalists always recognize when to avoid going to the well and when the right conditions are met. Exogenous factors such as the market gyrations or the competition aside, most successful fund raising happen swiftly and at the right valuation. How to seize the moment and how to identify that the timing is right?

Women CEOs in Tech

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 13 - 12:00-12:45 - Room B
Moderator: Lalee Sadighi

  • FirstRain, Penny Herscher, President and CEO
  • Idee Inc., Leila Boujnane, CEO
  • Infobright, Miriam Tuerk, President and CEO
  • LogLogic, Patricia Sueltz, CEO
  • Serus, Indu Navar, CEO

The fact that a technology startup CEO is a woman makes her an anomaly: fewer than two of every 100 such chief executives in the U.S are female. How does a woman succeed in what is still much of a men's club? What doubts and stereotypes do they have to battle in dealing with engineers, investors and customers? Our panel of high achievers share their thoughts and their unique insight on navigating the tricky reefs of entrepreneurship.

Never Too Young, CEOs under 30

Wednesday, May 14 - 5:15-6:00 - Room B
Lalee Sadighi

  • AnchorFree Inc., David Gorodyansky, President and Co-Founder
  • iContact, Ryan Allis, CEO
  • Coverity, Seth Hallem, CEO
  • IZEA, Edward Murphy, CEO, PayPerPost
  • Parature, Inc., Duke Chung, CEO and President
  • Specific Media, Tim Vanderhook, CEO

Young CEOs aren't as common in the current tech wave as they were during the last dot-com bubble. But the old heads aren't running everything. Even in this era of timid investors, a number of young CEOs have managed to win the money to build their dreams. Several young CEOs under 30 share their success stories: where the idea came from, how they raised money, how they work with investors and what they learned in a hurry.

Exiting: IPO, M&A?

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 14 - 5:15-6:00 - Room A
Moderator: Alex Vieux

  • Black Duck Software, Ken Goldman, Senior Vice President & CFO
  • Model N, Zack Rinat, CEO
  • Venrock, Rich Moran, Partner
  • Woodside Capital, Rudy Burger, Managing Partner

Most exits for venture-backed companies are through mergers and acquisitions, with IPOs being the exception, rather than the rule. By any measure 2007 racked up significantly more IPOs -- over $5 billion -- than the past two years. But it was a far cry from the tech bubble in terms of multiples. Moreover, regulatory pressures facing public companies are not only discouraging companies to go public -- they're also pushing some public companies to go private. While it's in a start-up's best interests to have public ambitions, what is the soundest approach to offer return to investors, as well as develop sustainable, innovative companies?

Scale it - Execution from $3M to $50M

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 14 - 11:30-12:15 - Room A
Moderator: Alex Vieux

  • Attune Systems Inc, Alan Kessler, CEO
  • Castile Ventures, Nina Saberi, Managing General Partner
  • Jets.com, Nathan McKelvey, CEO/President
  • NComputing, Inc., Stephen Dukker, Chairman & CEO
  • Strangeloop Networks, Jonathan Bixby, President & CEO
  • WhitePages.com, Alex Algard, Chairman and CEO

Going from zero to $3million requires an amazingly disproportional effort but relentless entrepreneurs then show their invaluable convincing talents. But once the genie is out of the bottle, one must hire a sales force and a process will take over, with the product standing on its own facing customers. Many authors have described how to cross the chasm and build both the infrastructure and the team to grow beyond the first stage. The roundtable will examine the ten mistakes to avoid and the ten recipes of success.

Mobile - The Shifting Balance of Power

Tuesday, May 13 - 6:00-6:45 - Room C
Scott Martin

  • El Dorado Ventures, Shanda Bahles, General Partner
  • HelloSoft, Inc., Krishna Yarlagadda, President & CEO
  • mSpot, Inc., Daren Tsui, CEO
  • Imagiin.com, Olivier Carron de la Carriere, CEO and Co-founder

The iPhone - and Steve Jobs' chutzpah - shifted balance of power between application developers and carriers. There is hope now that more innovative applications will redefine the consumer's mobile experience. Google's Linux-based mobile operating system, Android, and its Open Handset Alliance are all efforts to give more clout to the handset makers. How will these initiatives concretely foster innovation and bring us the next killer app? Will mobile content providers gain be able to negotiate better revenue sharing relationships with the carriers? All sides are still seeking the business model that rewards both carriers and content creators?

Cleantech - Which technology will stand out?

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 13 - 6:00-6:45 - Room B
Moderator: Joel Dreyfuss

  • Pentadyne Power Corporation, Mark McGough, President and CEO
  • PeopleCube, John Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Sepaton, Miklos Sandorfi, Chief Technology Officer
  • Solar Semiconductor, Hari Surapaneni, President and CEO
  • Standard Renewable Energy John Berger, Chairman & CEO

What has been defined as clean technology is really a market-basket of technologies with discrete markets, ranging from alternative fuels and energy sources, to transportation, materials technologies and water purification. While solar energy has been the recent darling of private equity, it remains unclear which of these emergent cleantech sub sectors will become most profitable, and offer venture-style investor return. This panel looks at the cleantech technologies most exploitable by venture capital, within the typical venture horizon of 3-5 years, and what impacts these technologies will likely have on the marketplace.

Security Trends

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 14 - 11:30-12:15 - Room B
Moderator: Scott Martin

  • 8e6, George Shih, CEO
  • Mocana, Adrian Turner, President & CEO
  • Narus, Inc., Greg Oslan, CEO and President
  • Panda Security, Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist
  • Passlogix, Marc Boroditsky, President & CEO
  • PGP Corporation, Alex Doll, Chief Financial Officer

The ever-expanding Internet is increasingly less secure. The more it is used in daily transactions, the more opportunities it presents to criminals. The amateur hackers have long been shoved aside by professional criminals who are looking for a profit, not just show how smart they are. This panel looks at fresh approaches to Internet security and the bets the VCs are making.

Enterprise software - The Online Revolution

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 13 - 12:00-12:45 - Room C
Moderator: Scott Martin

  • Adaptive Planning, Bill Soward, CEO
  • Baynote, Inc., Jack Jia, CEO
  • Catalyst Resources, Paul Giurata, Managing Partner
  • InsideView, Umberto Milletti, CEO
  • Xactly Corporation, Christopher Cabrera, President and CEO
  • Nexaweb Technologies, Inc., David McFarlane, COO

Several shifts are occurring in enterprise software. The most important one is the transition from "monolithic applications" to "services." Software as a Service, (SaaS) applications available over the Internet is the biggest threat to the status quo for the traditional enterprise software companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. According to Gartner Research, SaaS will grow seven times faster than on-premise software deployments during the next three years. Not limited to applications anymore, offerings of web-based operating systems have flourished in the last few months. How will this affect the market? At which pace will this continue? How should software companies prepare themselves? Is the sector poised for more consolidation? What will the landscape for enterprise software look like going forward?

Digital Media

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 14 - 5:15-6:00 - Room C
Moderator: Chris Bonnet

  • BitGravity, Perry Wu, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Dailymotion, Joy Marcus, US General Manager
  • Gotuit, Mark Pascarella, President and CEO
  • Zango, Neal Freeland, Vice President

The conversion of mass media to digital has been a fundamental revolution. From videos to photos to publications, digitization has caused a shift in the balance of power from traditional media to online and digital distribution. Print magazines and newspapers have lost advertising and readership to on-line publications and blogs. Unauthorized postings and sharing of copyrighted content have disrupted viewing patterns and concepts of fair use and ownership. The under-20 generation lives by the digital delivery and their switch has exposed the vulnerable business models of the old media. Power and influence are being redistributed from the old brand names to new online entities and blogs. Yet, the business models for this new medium are not clear. Just five percent of all ad spending globally went to the Web last year. Will creativity and quality falter? Can the new business models sustain the rich variety of fare that 21st century consumers expect? Will we fall back to a handful of media brands once the choices become exponential and unreliable?

Consumers and Business Marketing in High Technology

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 13 - 6:00-6:45 - Room A
Moderator: Chris Bonnet

  • Etology, Brock Purpura, CEO
  • Covario, Craig Macdonald, Vice President of Marketing, Alliances and Product Management
  • Juice Wireless, Nick Desai, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
  • NewsGator, Jeff Nolan, NewsGator Vice President of Coporate Development
  • WhitePages.com, John Lusk, Vice President, Marketing

What have we learned from Facebook and Consumer marketing companies. How to create a viral and outbound program to accelerate market penetration? How to create long time customer loyalty and a product mystique? Several consumer marketing specialists and web 2.0 CEOs will draw a map of potential routes to follow. The age of unconventional customer reach has arrived.

Web 3.0 - Trolling for Profits

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 14 - 11:30-12:15 - Room C
Moderator: Joel Dreyfuss

  • Cambrian House, Michael Sikorsky, CEO, Cambrian House
  • MOLI, Christos M. Cotsakos, Chairman & CEO
  • TrialPay, Inc., Alex Rampell, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • VoloMedia, Brian Steel, CEO
  • Greylock Partners, James Slavet, Partner

The appetite of VCs for social network sites knows no abatement. More than 400 social networks got funding last year, with 90 among them promising to keep you hooked up to friends and strangers via your mobile phone. But consumers have proved fickle and these sites have struggled to find a workable business model. What is working? Who's making money? Who will survive in a space that stays red-hot - and chock full of chatter.



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