Who should apply for Red Herring 100 Asia?

Selection is open to all privately-held Asian firms that are venture backed with headquarters in Asia. We encourage all companies that match this description to apply directly. We also strongly urge venture capitalists and public relations companies submit their portfolio companies and clients.

How do I nominate a company?

Click here to create your user profile. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email with your chosen username and password. The email will also contain the URL where you may login. Once there, you may create one or several nomination forms for the company/companies that you would like to submit. Each nomination form can be edited, saved, and submitted individually or over several sessions (do not forget to click "save" at least once before you close your browser - we recommend you save every few minutes). Once submitted, you can no longer edit your form - however, you can still view it.

Is this award program open only for private companies?


What are the marketing benefits for the finalists and winners?

All Red Herring 100 Asia winners will be featured in the Red Herring magazine. Red Herring will also supply the short-listed companies with logos to use in their press releases, websites, and other marketing materials. Finally, the winners will have an opportunity to deliver a 12 minute presentation about their company and exhibit at Red Herring 100 Asia conference.

Who are considered Asian companies?

Companies headquartered in Asia are eligible for the RH 100 Asia list; our definition of Asia starts with Iran and Iraq to the west, Kazakhstan to the north, Australia and New Zealand to the South, Japan and Korea to the East, and India and China to the southeast, etc.

Is there a cost attached to participating in this award program?

There is no cost to participate in this program.

What is the judging criteria?

A group of Red Herring editorial judges will review each nomination. The editors will assess nominees on both quantitative and qualitative criteria such as:

  • Technology Innovation
    How does the technology rank; is it unique? Can it be copied? What is the intellectual property value?

  • Market
    What is the competitive landscape? How big is the market?

  • Management
    We consider the management team. Do the leaders have the experience to lead it? How strong is the board?

  • Investors
    We look at who the investors are. Venture investors? Angels? Private Money?  What kind of track record do the investors have? Big hits or failures?

  • Customers
    We look at what customers the startup has? Any big names? Any indication of breaking into new markets?

  • Business Strategy
    We look at alliances the company has made. Is it working with market leaders in its sector; is the strategy smart?

  • Financials
    We look at the numbers: how much has been invested, how many rounds, what is the revenue, is the company is profitable?

Is there a deadline by which the nomination form should be submitted?

We will continue taking nominations up to the deadline for submission. However we recommend that you submit your company as soon as possible. Submissions will be reviewed in the order they are received.

How can we edit our nomination profile?

You will be able to make changes to your submissions and save your work online through the this link. However, once you click on the submit button you will only be able to view your submissions, not change it. For offline submissions, all received profiles are considered final.

Can previously short-listed (Finalists) apply again?

Yes, they can apply again.

What is the process after submission and when will the companies be selected?

The Red Herring 100 Asia finalists will be selected and contacted by the end of July. The Red Herring 100 Asia winners will be selected from the list of finalists thereafter. These companies will be contacted and their CEOs will be invited to present at the Red Herring 100 conference. We ask that the selected companies keep their status confidential until the publication of the list in the magazine.

Will press releases be sent out by Red Herring to announce the finalists and winners?

Yes. Red Herring will announce the 200 short-listed finalists and the Red Herring 100 Asia in separate press releases. The companies involved will be informed about the timing of these releases.

Do multiple nominations help increase a company's chances of being selected?

Anyone can submit their company for nomination. Multiple nominations do not increase the chance of being selected.

As a Private Company, we are not comfortable releasing financial data. Will this disqualify us if these fields are not completed?

Your submission will still be considered if you do not reveal financial information. However, not having this crucial information will limit our ability to do a thorough analysis of your company. All financial information that you submit is strictly for analysis purposes and will not be published at any time or in any way.

Will a Red Herring editorial team member be available for a conversation to help properly position our company during the selection process?

Unfortunately not. Due to the volume of submissions we are unable to communicate about any nominations - before, during and after the selection process. The judging editors will contact companies should questions arise on their part.

Can you offer suggestions or hints to help us make the best submission possible?

Please provide clear, specific and brief answers to the questions. Ambiguous or lack of information precludes us from properly considering the submission. Buzzwords and technical jargon usually cause more questions than they answer.

Can you tell me about the Red Herring Asia 100 conference?

It is an annual invitation-only Red Herring conference. The highlight of this conference will be the unveiling of the Red Herring 100 Asia winners, the only list of its kind in Asia. This event focuses on the brief window of opportunity that every technology entrepreneur hopes to catch. Entrepreneurs and visionaries driving these disruptions will take center-stage at this event. The CEOs of the 100 winners will have an opportunity to present their companies and strategies, where 300 corporate CEOs, venture capitalists, and other entrepreneurs will gather to meet the right people, right ideas, and right money. Of course VCs and top-level CEOs from North America and Europe will also join our event.

Who will attend the Red Herring Asia 100 conference?

  • Founders, CEOs and other executives from private technology companies
  • CEOs from private and public companies with cutting edge  technology solutions
  • Senior partners from leading venture capital firms
  • Executives from major corporate venture funds
  • Strategists from large corporations seeking business alliance and technology acquisitions
  • Executives from the major service and infrastructure companies
  • Technology P.R firms.

If selected as a Red Herring 100 Asia Winner, do we have to attend the conference?

No, it is not a requirement. However, your presence at the conference is highly recommended and will provide your company with excellent visibility in front of a c-level audience of potential partners, investors, and clients as well as the media. We suggest that you mark the dates of the conference on your personal calendar.

Is there a cost for Red Herring short-listed companies and 100 Asia companies attending and presenting at the conference?

Yes, the CEOs from short-listed companies and 100 winner's companies will be required to register for the event (at a preferential rate) like all other attendees.

We hope that you can be a part of this historic event.
For inquiries, please contact Jackie Chen:

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